These Health Myths Are Probably A Part Of Your Weekend Routine

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Posted on June 30 2016

Loverboy knows: we're all working for the weekend. Unfortunately, some common health myths are undoing the hardest work that we do (invest in ourselves) on a weekly basis.

Harmless as they may seem, some of these habits in your weekend routine come with big consequence for your health and wellness - although they might not seem like big deals, it's the little things that slow us down. Luckily, Women's Health put together a handy list for us to avoid:

1. Stop Binging on Social Media

We get it. It's been a long week, you've been pulled from friends and family and news feeds and now is the time to catch up. Yes - but no. Whether you realize is or not, staring at the tiny screen of your iPhone is actually exhausting - literally. Even if you're just rolling around in bed in your favorite yoga pants, it's depleting your energy. The glowing of the screen, the fast twitchy movements you follow with your eyes: it's taking more of a toll than you think, which... is keeping you from getting out and doing the rest of the fun active things you planned on.

2. Stop Over-Drinking

This one is obvious - drinking is a guilty pleasure, we already know that, that's why it's called a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately admitting something is bad doesn't remove it's health ramifications. We all know the consequences of severe liver damage, but what about mild to moderate (culturally acceptable) liver damage? Turns out, there's a direct correlation between liver stress and aging faster.

3. Stop Sleeping Past 10am

This is arguably the most common health myth: sleep is always good!

You're an adult. You pay all your own bills, have a bi-weekly nail appointment and a pet whose life depends on you, after 18 years of being rudely awaken by your parents whilst sleeping you've earned the right to sleep however long you please. Except no. Excessive sleep is actually counter-productive to the adult experience, especially in one key part: Mondays. Ever wonder why waking up on Monday is so tough? “We call this situation ‘social jet lag,’ which means you’re actually affecting your internal circadian clock,” says sleep expert Michael Breus, Ph.D. “So if you stay up late on a Friday, sleep in on Saturday, stay up late on Saturday, and sleep in on Sunday, your internal clock is going to want to do the same exact thing on Sunday night" he adds, "making Monday morning a rough one.” The search for a cure continues.

To read the full list, see the 7 Health Mistakes You Make Every Weekend on Women's Health.

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