How To Stay Calm On Your Commute

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Posted on June 30 2016

If there's anyone that knows a thing or two about staying calm, it's the Brit's after this weeks now historical Brexit. To help the rest of us, Madeleine Shaw has put together this genius list of techniques for staying serene during one of the most stressful parts of our daily lives: the commute.

Rushing. Tussling. Fighting traffic. Whatever your mode of transportation, the commute is one of those things in life that's going to be exponentially worse if you're in a bad mood. Here's how to check-up and meet this chaos with grace:

1. Smile at Strangers

In a day in age where most people are completely preoccupied with their phones, this trick goes even further than ever before. It's inevitable you're going to make awkward eye-contact with someone anyways, why not smile? It's the easiest way to make someones day - you'd be surprised how many people will instantly let down their walls and smile back. A smile is contagious, and as Madeleine illustrates perfectly on the power of this simple gesture, "How great would it be if you got on the train and everyone was grinning?!".

2. Belly Breathe

We control our breathing in every high-stress activity such as exercise, why not during other stressful aspects as well? Some people go lifetimes avoiding things because of stress or anxiety - when in reality most of these afflictions can be cured through the mastery of breath.

3. Read

Get in your zone. Bring a good book to read on the bus or train - it will save your phone battery and is a much better conversation starter than you scrolling through Instagram.

4. Meditate

Not all meditation happens in a perfectly tranquil, quiet environment. While controlling your breathing, meditate where you are - even in the bustle of a subway or elevator there's peace to be found.

Read more wellness tips on Madeleine Shaw's blog here.

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