Allow us to introduce ourselves

Founded and designed by Nancy Rose, our high-performance lifestyle collection will withstand your toughest workout, your fiercest dance moves and your cross town commute. Inspired by the music, culture and street style of NYC, these rebellious designs will fuel your passions without sacrificing fashion for function.
Created for the daring women who HIIT hard and party harder, our pieces will transform your everyday ordinary into one-of-a-kind originals.


Our Story

Nancy Rose Performance emerged into the activewear scene with the attitude that well-designed workout wear should empower women from the ballet barre to the boxing ring and beyond. Our collection will make you look fearless as f*** on the outside and ignite your confidence within.

Nancy created her eponymous clothing line for the strong, edgy, street-smart women who take the world by storm each and every day. She created a collection that seamlessly blends uptown pearls with downtown punk. Smooth silhouettes & fashion-forward accents make Nancy Rose pieces stand out at the front of a yoga class, in the back of a taxi & on the bustling city streets from which they were inspired.

Designed for movement and spontaneity, it’s run & runway-ready; whether you’re pirouetting at the barre or sipping at the bar, this workout-to-night out wear is just like you… a force to be reckoned with.


Nancy spent her childhood as a nationally ranked gymnast. Cartwheeling and hand-springing her way to the top, dreaming to stick a landing with a spot on the U.S. Olympic team. One too many back flips later and her shoulder gave out. Nancy returned to the gym and accepted a full scholarship to Penn State University. At the end of her freshman year she re-injured her shoulder and this time there was no going back to the gym.

Coming from a family of Garment District Veterans, Nancy graduated from PSU and entered the fashion scene at 40th Street and 7th Avenue. After working for a few years, Nancy enrolled at Parson’s School of Design to study Fashion Design and broaden her knowledge of garment construction and fit.

After graduating Parson’s, Nancy launched a ready-to-wear collection. She went from morning Pilates to the showroom to post-work drinks which inspired her to create a movement approved collection that could take you from your mat to your meetings. Her firsthand experience in the rigid world of gymnastics aided Nancy to create a collection that was functional and strategically designed to not only look amazing but to function and fit in an exceptional way.

Inspiration and Design Process

Inspiration, design process
& the fab fit

A born & bred New Yorker, Nancy wanted to design fitness apparel for women like her - women who feel as equally confident with their own femininity that she rock sneakers with a sexiness that rivals anyone else in stilettos. The women she saw heading to an early-morning spin class after they had closed down the bar the night before. The women who passed her with a yoga mat under one arm & a limited edition designer clutch under the other. The women who she saw chugging a large black coffee in one moment & ordering her third Grey Goose on the rocks in the next. Spunk as well as her own personal style: a bold, fearless, rock & roll remix on refined classics. Inspired by the NYC skyline and ready to power through the finish line, Nancy Rose blurs the lines between feminine fashion & athletic function.

Nancy Rose pants are better - here is why.

Fabric technology


Our signature high compression fabric made of Nylon and Lycra is technically designed to define, contour and shape. Advanced performance fibers deliver anti-microbial properties, moisture management, and a high UPF rating. PowerLux’s therapeutic grade compression not only lifts, tones and tucks but yields maximum performance from the barre to the bar. PowerLux gives you the freedom to jump higher, run faster, lift heavier, and kick more ass. But be warned. Once you experience it, every other performance fabric will feel like a third-rate imitation of the real thing.


Hot and heavy is almost always a good thing. Unless you’re looking for a second-skin performance wear that keeps you feeling cool. Advanced performance fibers deliver anti-microbial properties, moisture management, and a high UPF rating. UltraLight gives you the held-in feeling you need and it moves and breathes like you are wearing nothing at all, but without the felony conviction on your record. UltraLight fabrics are...well...ultra lightweight. But the name doesn't even begin to describe how it feels against your skin. Buttery soft and smooth as silk, wearing UltraLight is kind of like drinking a cafe au lait in a Parisian cafe. Energizing, sensual, an experience to remember. Okay, so maybe we’re overstating the virtues of this fabric just a but. But not by much.

Pima Cotton

If there’s anything Manhattan real estate, Tennessee whisky and the sushi restaurant in the gas station has taught it, it’s that location matters. And so it is with our Pima cotton we use in our tees and tanks. The inescapable fact is that cotton grown in the coastal regions of northern Peru is simply softer, silkier and more durable. Harvested exclusively by hand, Peruvian Pima cotton is among the finest in the world, prized for its sustainable growing and harvesting practices. It also happens to take dyes better than typical cotton resulting in rich, vibrant colors.


Values & the bars

There's nothing we can teach you about being a strong, powerful woman.
You are already driven by an unquenchable passion from within.
You already embrace your ferocity.
You are independent, motivated, tenacious.
You push limits, test boundaries and achieve the impossible.
You protect the vulnerable, champion the underdog and
mentor the one that has potential for greatness.
You are already everything a woman should be.
That is why we include three green bars on every Nancy Rose garment.
One for the woman you are, one for the woman you will become
and one for the women you will affect along the way.


You look for locally grown produce. You care that your eggs came from free-range, ethically treated chickens. Of course you won't settle for anything less than ethically sourced, environmentally responsible clothing. Because you know that the biggest badasses are the ones that leave the world better than they found it. Designed in New York City and manufactured in Peru, our clothing is revolutionizing the way you look at active wear. We only partner with eco-friendly factories that use fair labor practices. We don’t just talk a good game, we believe in it too...

  • We use recycled water to dye our fabrics. And we even remove and properly dispose of harmful toxins to keep the groundwater around our facilities clean.
  • All waste from our production processes is reused and recycled. No sense in letting usable product end up in our landfills and waterways. Why not put it to good use?
  • Every person that handles our products works in a clean environment, paid a fair wage, has access to health care and is given an opportunity for education and advancement. The only sweatshop our clothes enter is your gym.

Leaders believe in doing the impossible with the unconventional. Not only is our clothing better, softer and sexier than our competitors, we make it with a clean conscience. Now if we could only clean up our mouths...