4 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Nancy Rose

Posted on May 10 2016

4 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

Traveling is one of the greatest ways we can spend our lives. More and more people are choosing experiences over ownership, especially now, when the dream-destination set as your iPhone lock screen is probably just a cheap plane-ticket away.

Unfortunately, traveling is hazardous to your routine. On the road, everything about being healthy is even harder than being home including eating and gym days.

Nonetheless, there are ways to do it. Here's a few tips to keep you on the straight and narrow:

1. Eliminate Excuse

via Patrick Savalle // CC BY

This one is easier said than done. Natural human instinct whenever we're traveling is to treat every moment away from home as a "vacation" - whether it actually is or not! There's been plenty of times on work-trips I've treated my normal routine as if it didn't even exist, and operate totally differently than I would've otherwise. If you wouldn't have that extra drink and spend a half-day in bed watching Netflix at home, don't do it while traveling either!

2. Play Your Strengths

We're creatures of habit. We have schedules, clocks and timing that we're all accustom to, our bodies even subconsciously know our routines. An important first step to setting yourself up for mobile success is mentally preparing yourself and basically accepting that keeping your familiar checklist won't be possible. That being said, help yourself out by doing what you can. If you usually work out in the mornings at home, then try and work out in the morning on the road - but don't be deterred by little inconveniences. Committing to a daily workout may require you to wake up an hour earlier or stay late. At the end of your trip you'll thank yourself.

3. Use Music To Get In Your Zone

Music motivates and relieves stress, but it can also get you in a familiar state of mind. Since you're in an unfamiliar place, use your favorite song or playlist to cue up your normal energy and get in a home-turf attitude. Adding one element of familiarity can ground you and clear your mind to everything happening around you that might otherwise distract or cut your workout short.

4. Take Advantage Of Your Environment

You're in a far away land, why not make the most of it! What better way to take in a great view or get the true experience of a local than working-out while doing it? Take an early-morning jog through town before the bustle, or Yelp a nearby yoga studio, gym or better yet, go somewhere unique to your environment and practice there (you'll at least get a great Instagram post out of it).




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