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About the Collection

The Collection

Nancy Rose Performance launched in 2012 combining runway ready style with incomparable fit and performance. At Nancy Rose Performance, our philosophy is that well-designed workout wear can not only help you look better on the outside, but feel better on the inside. We create workout clothing that is as functional and comfortable as it is fashionable.

Each piece features thoughtful, sophisticated and innovative styling details that reflect Nancy’s depth of talent as the sole designed behind the label.

“Style is about having presence, and so with every piece, we make sure it has at least one unique element that takes it out of the realm of the ordinary,” she says. “We also pay as much attention to the style details on the back of the garment as we do the front, because I believe every woman should look as good leaving a room as she does entering it.”

Nancy’s years in the fashion industry yielded more than exceptional design skills. It also gave her the expertise to craft her product with a level of quality that no company in the industry can match.

“Quality is the most important thing for us,” says Nancy. “Because if we don’t have a quality product, it doesn’t matter how attractive it is. We work to make sure everything is done right on every piece, every time.”

As a former elite gymnast, Nancy knows better than anyone how important performance is in activewear. After designing and wear-testing each piece herself to make sure it lives up her incredibly high standards. “I don’t care how beautiful a piece I’ve designed is, if we can’t get it to perform well in our rigorous testing, we drop it,” she says.

For all technical and creative expertise in Nancy Rose products, perhaps the best thing about them is how they make women feel: Empowered. Strong. Beautiful.