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High Intensity

For the go-getters who push those extra reps, the warriors who take on a 10k for the fun of it, and those cyclists who crank the resistance way up.

Our high intensity gear will leave you gasping for breath and begging for more.

Motivation Tank
Halter Tank
Biker Short - High Waist
The Perfect Bra
Pulsar Bra
Spectrum Tank
Plank Crop
Plank Crop - Clean Waistband - High Waist
Plank Crop - High Waist
UltraLight Plank Crop - High Waist
Naked 7/8th Pant - High Waist
Shuffle 7/8th Pant - High Waist
7/8th Plank Pant
Plank 7/8th Pant - High Waist
Naked Plank Pant-High Waist
Cobra 7/8th Pant - High Waist
Atom 7/8th UltraLight Pant - High Waist
Stella 7/8th Pant - Naked High Waist